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High-Contrast Realism: Blue Bird & Flower Wallpaper

By @mjart  •  
High-Contrast Realism: Blue Bird & Flower Wallpaper
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Prompt Description

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of high-contrast realism with this captivating wallpaper featuring intricate blue birds gracefully perched upon vibrant flowers. Inspired by the mesmerizing work of Kerem Beyit, the layered images blend vivid red and blue hues, creating a detailed fantasy that effortlessly catches your eye. Set against a pristine white background, this high-resolution masterpiece is sure to make your walls come to life.

Prompt Used

Wallpaper pattern with blue birds on top of a flower, in the style of high - contrast realism, detailed fantasies, kerem beyit, red and blue, layered images, white background, high resolution