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Hyper Realistic Female Pilot on Jungle Droid

By @mjart  •  
Hyper Realistic Female Pilot on Jungle Droid
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Prompt Description

Exploring a surreal world of technology and nature with a fearless female pilot and her mechanical droid companion.

Prompt Used

hyper realistic gorgeous happy young female pilot on mechanical droid, unveiled top in jungle droid detail fantastic fungi cargo ,robots, industrial shiny metallic space station chrome complex architecture into deep strange heavy tangled forest in autumn with god rays, shimmering light stone maze, bioluminescence symbols, alien world, living pastel color pods towering skyscrapers at cliff edge, jet era shapes , The 5th element,The Matrix,Craig Mullins,Syd Mead, eerie Sandu Baciu style, photography award, ultra realistic, wide angle, high detail, volumetric light at noon, Trending on artstation,Unreal engine hyper realistic photography award magazine cover