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Hyperfuturistic Wasteland: Intricate Baroque Concept Art

By @mjart  •  
Hyperfuturistic Wasteland: Intricate Baroque Concept Art
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Prompt Description

Amidst the ruins of a desolate wasteland, a lone figure stands witness to the awe-inspiring power of hyperfuturistic alien technology. With the universe stretching out above, and a rip in space tearing through the center frame, this ultra-detailed concept art captures the intricate details of a baroque anime style. Desaturated and precise, it's a stunning tribute to the ultra-high technology of a distant future.

Prompt Used

very technical and detailed digital art of a desolate uninhabitable wasteland with universe in the sky and a man in the foreground + hyperfuturistic alien technology + rip in space, Precise and regular details, Center Frame, intricate details, ultra-detailed, baroque anime style, desaturated, concept art,ultra high technology