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Hyperrealism in Suzhou Embroidery: High Detail & Crisp Lines

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Hyperrealism in Suzhou Embroidery: High Detail & Crisp Lines
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Prompt Description

Exquisite mastery on display: the clarity and precision of Suzhou embroidery on a white background captivates in this complete piece. With meticulous detail and hyper-realistic quality, this high-resolution artwork is trending in the world of art. Minimalistic yet atmospheric, it's a true masterpiece in 16K, reflecting the beauty of linen in high definition.

Prompt Used

White background Suzhou embroidery, detail lines are particularly clear and crisp, The whole piece is complete, photography, reflector, high detail, hyper quality, high resolution, trending on artstation, hyperrealism, surrealism, HD, 16K, Minimalism, cinema - 4d, atmospheric, linen