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Hyperrealistic Android Portrait: Incomplete and Mystical

By @mjart  •  
Hyperrealistic Android Portrait: Incomplete and Mystical
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Prompt Description

Caught in the flow of time, this incomplete humanoid android with porcelain skin and glowing internal parts is still getting assembled. With its blue eyes and missing parts, it resembles something straight out of Westworld. The hyperrealistic and hyper-detailed portrait, captured in cinematic lighting and rendered in 8k with redshift rendering, creates a ghostly phantom effect. The sharp and ultrawide shot, along with the use of volumetric lighting and particle effects, adds to the photorealism and fine art digital quality of this movie still. The reflection and ray tracing only enhance the realism and cinematography of this stunning piece by Mark Molnar.

Prompt Used

close up portrait photo of incomplete humanoid android, covered in white porcelain skin, blue eyes, glowing internal parts, still getting assembled, missing parts, westworld style, Volumetric Lighting, ultrawide shot, sharp, hyperrealistic, reflection, ray tracing, caught in the flow of time, movie still, particle effects, ray tracing, ghost phantom effect, hyper detailed, photoreal, photography, cinematic lighting, hdr, hd, cinematography, realism, fine art digital, HD, Mark Molnar mystical, redshift rendering, 8k