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Hyperrealistic Biomechanical Owl-Knight Portrait

By @mjart  •  
Hyperrealistic Biomechanical Owl-Knight Portrait
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Prompt Description

Capturing the intricate details of this biomechanical owl-knight in his stunning gold and diamond armor was a true feat of precision and artistry. The clean lines and art nouveau design, paired with the hyperrealism of ray tracing and post-processing, make for an award-winning portrait that truly showcases the beauty of robotics in photography.

Prompt Used

photography, head-and-torso portrait of an intricate biomechanical humanoid male owl-knight with beautiful gold and and diamond and ivory mech-suit armor, f/2.8, Canon, 100mm, highly detailed, sunny natural lighting, art nouveau design, handsome, robotic, precision, clean lines, ray tracing, post-processing, award-winning, hyperrealism