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Hyperrealistic Sun Jun Portrait in Intricate Kimono

By @mjart  •  
Hyperrealistic Sun Jun Portrait in Intricate Kimono
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Prompt Description

Capturing the intricate details of a stunning portrait, featuring a hyperrealistic painting of an Asian face adorned in a beautiful Kimono and intricate Peony Flower embellishments.

Prompt Used

Sun Jun superfine detailed painting, High Resolution, hyperrealistic, Detailed colored pencil Drawing, pro, 8k, Portrait, close up face, Asian, Detailed Kimono, Japanese Fan, Intricate Pattern Kimono, Yukata, intricate embellished detail textured Peony Flower, Extreme Close up of Peony Flower, Aaron Horkey & James Jean & Alphonse Mucha--iw 2 Michael Parkes, hyper realism