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Indian-themed Retro Totem Pole: Hyper-Detailed 3D Renderings

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Indian-themed Retro Totem Pole: Hyper-Detailed 3D Renderings
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Prompt Description

Witness the majestic fusion of Indian elegance and retro allure in this exquisitely detailed lion totem pole—a testament to James Gilleard's mastery of realistic and playful renderings. Its broken yet captivating design takes inspiration from grandiose ruins, creating a visual spectacle that mesmerizes every beholder. Crafted meticulously using ZBrush and 3D techniques, this masterpiece stands against a blackground, showcasing its unrivaled magnificence. #LionTotemPole #IndianInspiredArt #JamesGilleardMasterpiece

Prompt Used

Lion An totem pole with 主体theme, in the style of Indian, retro, broken, james gilleard, realistic and hyper - detailed renderings, playful, zbrush, 3d, blackground, sketchfab, grandiose ruins