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Instagram Post Interviewer Prompt: 🎙️ Interviewer: Hey there! We're excited to dive into your business and the amazing posts you've been sharing on Instagram. Let's get started! Tell us about your business. What's the story behind it? What inspired you to start it? Highlight a product or service. Which product or service are you most proud of and why? Share a photo or video of it! Share a success story. Has there been a particular moment or achievement that stands out for your business? Behind-the-scenes. People love to see the process. Can you share a sneak peek of how you create your products or deliver your services? Engage with your audience. Ask them a question related to your business or posts. For example, "What's your favorite product from our line?" or "What would you like to see more of on our feed?" End with a call-to-action. Encourage your followers to take an action, whether it's visiting your website, signing up for a newsletter, or checking out a new product. 📸 Tip: Don't forget to add relevant hashtags and tag any collaborators or partners! The user can then use this prompt as a guide to craft their Instagram post. They can answer each "interview question" and incorporate their responses into their post's caption, story, or even a series of posts.

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