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Isis-inspired portrait with cyberpunk infusion

By @mjart  •  
Isis-inspired portrait with cyberpunk infusion
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Prompt Description

Embodying the essence of ancient goddesses with a pop-infused twist, this portrait captures the delicate beauty of a nostalgic Egyptian goddess adorned with intricate details and delicate roses. The contrast and shadows add a touch of dark mysterious elegance, while the Western steampunk and cyberpunk elements bring a modern edge. With cinematic lighting and 8K resolution, this masterpiece is a true work of art inspired by woodblock prints and James Jean's style. The graceful rapier and draping blue and white fabrics add to the ornate intricacy of this detailed and colorful fantasy collage. Shot with a Nikkon, this portrait is a true testament to the beauty of adornment and the power of art.

Prompt Used

Contrast, Shadows, Nostalgic Egyptian Goddess, Reminiscence of Ancient Moon Goddess Isis, Pop-Infusion, Cyberpunk, Western Steampunk, Adornment, Delicate Roses, Graceful Rapier, Ornate Intricacy, Beauty, Portrait Photograph, Cinematic Lighting, Nikkon, 8K Resolution, Woodblock-Inspiration, Dark Mysterious Elegance, Cute Delicate Face, Draping, Blue White, Detailed Colorful Fantasy Collage, Masterpiece, James Jean Style