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Japanese Model in Yohji Yamamoto Inflatable

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Japanese Model in Yohji Yamamoto Inflatable
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Prompt Description

Captivating beauty meets technical innovation in this stunning portrait featuring a Japanese model in a Yohji Yamamoto-inspired inflatable shell. From intricate knitting and pleating to realistic embroidery and camel-toned textiles, every detail is expertly crafted. Shot in high resolution with photorealistic lighting, this is a true masterpiece by Denis Villeneuve.

Prompt Used

Portrait beautiful in Puffy space with straps, Japanesemodel, Huge Yohji Yamamoto - style inflatable very details technical shell. Super detailed technical knitting, pleating, digital technical details, technical straps, realistic embroidery zoom, inflatable technical textile in camel tones and technical textile. High resolution. Photorealistic lighting, 8K. In a film by Denis Villeneuve