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Lion-Flower Hybrid: Stunning Si-Fi 3D Render

By @mjart  •  
Lion-Flower Hybrid: Stunning Si-Fi 3D Render
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Prompt Description

Nature's creativity knows no bounds - behold the stunning result of a genetic experiment that merges a sunflower with a lion, resulting in a breathtaking flower with a lion's head. This Si-fi 3D render showcases vibrant colors, hyper-detailed features, and crisp focus, all captured in natural lighting. It's no wonder this mash-up has won a National Geographic award for its highly detailed and high-resolution chiaroscuro portraitures.

Prompt Used

A genetic experiment that combines a sunflower with a lion getting as result in a beautiful flower with a form of a lion head, Si-fi, 3D render, chiaroscuro portraitures, vibrant colors, mash-up, hyper-detailed, crisp focus, natural lighting, highly detailed, high resolution, National Geographic award-winning