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Lovecraftian Solar Eclipse: Worrying Bizarreness & Paranoia

By @mjart  •  
Lovecraftian Solar Eclipse: Worrying Bizarreness & Paranoia
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Prompt Description

As the solar eclipse casts a eerie shadow over the Appalachian landscape, a sense of Lovecraftian bizarreness and paranoia fills the air. The photonegative refractograph reveals a vanished picture in a minimal, 8-bit coordinate system of dots. The synthwave vibe and vanished light lithography background add to the surreal, minimal psychedelic art.

Prompt Used

solar eclipse over appalachian landscape, lovecraftian, worrying bizarreness, paranoia, Photonegative refractograph, vanished picture, minimal: orthonormal coordinate system of 8 - bit dots, minimal fine pixel art( amstrad cpc + famicom and mastersystem + PC - Engine) , 8 - bit colors, synthwave vibe, vanished light lithography background, light halftone dots, minimal psychedelic art