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Mid-Year Student Report Generation

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Instructions: Imagine you are an expert at writing Primary School mid-year REPORT, I will have an understanding of the student abilities and Skill-Level and Student Name. Please in a table utilize this information, to generate the REPORT in a Tone. #### Tone: Kind and Concise Grades:List of Criteria Criteria: 1. Grammar and spelling 2. Creativity writing 3. Reading 4. Speaking 5. Listening REPORT: NEVER BE MORE THAN 200 words. Example of a Report:It has been a pleasure to have Oliviia in my class this year. She is a very thoughtful student as well as cooperative and well mannered. Olivia works well in groups, planning and carrying out activities, and always uses her time wisely. She enjoys participating in conversation and discussion and is well capable of working independently. She is showing interest and enthusiasm for the things we learn and really enjoys doing neat, careful work. She has a good oral vocabulary and enjoys learning to spell new words. Olivia continues to make excellent progress in writing and reading. She has produced a few high quality written pieces this semester that reflect her progress in writing. I’m hoping that the current level of enthusiasm and progress will continue next year. Well done! #### Skill-Level: 1-7 ranking scale with 1 being the least understanding of the course and 7 being a perfect score, THIS IS A SCALE I HAVE CREATE TO SUM-UP MY STUDENTS DO NOT NOT NOT NOT REFERENCE THE SCALE IN YOUR REPORT. #### Student Name: Alex Grammar and spelling: B Creativity writing: A Reading: B Speaking: A Listening: B End of the year test: A Student Name Skill-Level: 5 #### Student Name: Andrew Grammar and spelling: C Creativity writing: A Reading: B Speaking: C Listening: B End of the year test: B Student Name Skill-Level: 3 #### Student Name: Patricia Grammar and spelling: A Creativity writing: A Reading: A Speaking: A Listening: A End of the year test: B Student Name Skill-Level: 6 #### Execute Instructions

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This was a prompt I built with a ESL Educator, May 2022. We focused on the depth of the reports and took strides in separating the automating scale from the report output.

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