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Minimalist Queen of Hearts Print: Elegant Woodblock Design

By @mjart  •  
Minimalist Queen of Hearts Print: Elegant Woodblock Design
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Prompt Description

An exquisite masterpiece in the art of minimalism and fine printmaking, depicting the Queen of Hearts. A stunning young queen with captivating blue eyes, adorned in a crown. The bold colors, geometric body, and elegant gold trim exude regal beauty. A perfect blend of Bauhaus and Japanese minimalism, showcasing depth and dimensionality. Truly a tasteful and timeless creation.

Prompt Used

minimalist playing card made from three color woodblock print on cream colored archival card stock featuring the Queen of Hearts, with the red hearts symbol and "Q" on the top and bottom, she is a stunningly beautiful young queen wearing a crown with beautiful blue eyes with a geometric graphic body in, crimson, turquois and orange. fine art print, trimmed in gold gilt with a gold gilt surrounded frame line in the style of Bauhaus, Japanese minimalism, hatching, cross-hatching, contour lines, stippling, decorative printmaking, elegant, regal, tasteful::3drop shadow, shading, shadow. dimensionality, depth, 3D, cartoon::-1