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Minimalist Surreal Illustrations: In the Open Garden by Nick Veasey

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Minimalist Surreal Illustrations: In the Open Garden by Nick Veasey
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Prompt Description

A mesmerizing blend of surrealism and minimalism painted with stunning detail by Nick Veasey. From the captivating aerial view, explore the open garden adorned with delicate baby's breath, black-eyed Susan, hyacinth, and balloon flower. Each curve smoothly linked, every stroke capturing the essence of light tracing and glare lighting. Experience the vibrant ripples of color diffusing, beautifully complemented by marker coloring and the unique impasto technique. This masterpiece, inspired by printmaking style, evokes the essence of minimalism and pop art. Witness the brilliance of Fujicolor Superia X-TRA 400 in UHD and 16k, bringing this ultra-detailed vision to life.

Prompt Used

Super wide angle, minimalism and surreal illustration, aerial view, top view, by Nick Veasey, In the open garden, Baby’s breath, Black-eyed Susan, Hyacinth, Balloon flower, light tracing, glare lighting, curve linked smoothly, dry brushing style, impasto, fluorescent, ripples of color diffusing, marker coloring, printmaking style, layered curve, Fujicolor Superia X-TRA 400, ultra-detailed, minimalism, pop art, UHD, 16k