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Minimalist Yarn Art: Mountain Shape in Tranquil White

By @mjart  •  
Minimalist Yarn Art: Mountain Shape in Tranquil White
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Prompt Description

Inspired by ancient Chinese minimalistic paintings, this captivating composition combines the serene beauty of a mountain silhouette against a vast expanse of blank space. A fragile yarn boat silently floats, embodying solitude amidst the transparent model. From a low angle perspective, the intricate details within the hanging veil filled with calligraphy unravel, creating a mesmerizing macro zoom effect. Against a pure white background, this artwork invites contemplation and echoes the essence of ancient ink paintings.

Prompt Used

Minimalism, large areas of blank space, mountain shape, material of yarn, megalosis, low angle perspective, perspective aesthetics, a minimalist painting from ancient China, a small and lonely boat, transparent model, macro zoom, veil, hanging veil filled with calligraphy, pure white background, artistic conception ink painting