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Neoclassical Beauty: Cernunnos, Gothic Goddess

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Neoclassical Beauty: Cernunnos, Gothic Goddess
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Prompt Description

Unleashing the Mythical Beauty of Cernunnos, captured in a Wes Anderson masterpiece with stunning details and symmetrical eyes, showcasing the elegance of Neoclassical and Gothic art, all in a mesmerizing blend of white and blue azulejo tiles, gold accents, and beautiful lighting.

Prompt Used

mythology goddess Cernunnos made of azulejo’s white and blue, gothic, shiny, gold, Neoclassical, elegant, beauty, antique classical, shot photography by Wes Anderson, masterpiece, Canon50, Beautiful Lighting, Sad, highly detailed, detailed facial features, unreal engine, Octane Render, very detailed eyes, symmetrical eyes, mythology, hd, 3d, hq, iq 180