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Normandie Plateau: Engraved Line-Work & Monochrome Prints

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Normandie Plateau: Engraved Line-Work & Monochrome Prints
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Prompt Description

Embracing simplicity through intricate engravings, this Linocut print captures the exquisite Normandie plateau, revealing the serene seaport of Fecamp surrounded by wispy clouds. A glimpse of tranquility unfolds as a little seagull gracefully adorns the skyland. Designed with a textured Normandie cityscape in monochrome hues, accentuated by blue and white porcelain colors, this captivating artwork exudes timeless elegance, enhanced by a minimalist white background and a vast negative space.

Prompt Used

Detailed engraved line-work, Linocut print, normandie plateau, seaport of fecamp, cloud surrounded, little seagull on the skyland, normandie cityscape texture design, blue and white porcelain color, monochrome, simple style, white background, huge negative space