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Organic-Abstract Landscape: Dusty Shadows & Red Gradient

By @mjart  •  
Organic-Abstract Landscape: Dusty Shadows & Red Gradient
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Prompt Description

Capturing the essence of organic and non-organic materiality in a dramatic black and white landscape, with dynamic forms and shadows of creatures. The blend of white to red liquid and gradient tones create a stunning visual experience, while the dust and particles add a touch of realism. The sun rays and light beams expose the dusty surfaces, creating a beautiful contrast with the strict primitive shapes. This high-resolution abstract artwork is truly a masterpiece.

Prompt Used

super realistic, black and white, atmospheric, abstract non primitive form, gradient of organic to non organic ivory materiality, dust exposed, lightbeam, dramatic light exposing dusty surfaces, shadows of creatures, dynamic, blend of white to red liquid, gradient tones of red to white, organic dynamic form fused to static strict primitive shape, particles dust, sun rays, shadows figures,abstract landscape,skyline, eye level, high resolution