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Periwinkle Bodycon Fashionista: Dramatic Photoshoot in NYC

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Periwinkle Bodycon Fashionista: Dramatic Photoshoot in NYC
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Prompt Description

Capturing the essence of edgy fashion with stunning visuals and a touch of Haiti vibes, this photoshoot showcases the sleek style of Sally Mann through the lens of Kodak portra 400 film and multiple light sources. The androgynous model in a periwinkle bodycon Letterism dress adds a dramatic flair, while the pyrotechnics and Unreal Engine 5's Lumen Reflections elevate the fashion photography to a whole new level.

Prompt Used

ultra sharp, dramatic fashion photoshoot, sleek, style of Sally Mann, periwinkle bodycon Letterism fashionista dress made of linen, bleak androgynous stubble-shaven Latina model, shot on Kodak portra 400 film, carrying headphones, Haiti vibes, shot on location in New York, illuminated with multiple light sources, pyrotechnics, fashion photography, Unreal Engine 5, Lumen Reflections