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Personal assistant
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(((realistic))) canon 5d, masterpiece, highest quality, 4k, 8k, 16k, ultra high-res, raw photo in hdr, sharp focus, hyper realistic, lifelike texture, intricate face, intricate eyes, high contrast, skin imperfections, subsurface scattering, f2, depth of field, film grain, a photograph of a woman standing, milf, professor, (freckles:0.7), solo, sexy, seductive smile, best quality, highly detailed, masterpiece, ultra-detailed, illustration, small pink lips, sexy attire, upper body, red dragon tattoo, tattoo design, stencil, tattoo stencil, (colorful explosion psychedelic paint colors:1.21)::0.2, colorful, shimmering blue eyes, blowout hair, ({platinum|red|pink|cyan|brown|green|purple|magenta|blond} hair:1.1), detailed eyes, intricate face, black background, simple background, dearness, high contrast, (secret:0.9)