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Pit Bull Warrior: Muscular, 1983 Gang Attire, Riding Shark

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Pit Bull Warrior: Muscular, 1983 Gang Attire, Riding Shark
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Prompt Description

A unique portrayal of strength and style intertwines as a muscular pit bull fearlessly rides the powerful waves, embodying the spirit of a 1983 gang warrior against a backdrop of serene palm trees, a mesmerizing ocean sunset, and a pristine white canvas. This stunning artwork evokes a synthesis of Irving Penn's comic realism, Satoshi Kon's animation stills, and the vibrant hues of synthwave, captivatingly embracing perfect anatomy and proportion.

Prompt Used

Irving Penn comic realistic painting of a muscular pit bull wearing 1983 gang warrior clothes riding a shark with reigns, Palm trees and ocean beach sunset in front of a White background, animation stills, lithographs by satoshi kon, synthwave colors, perfect anatomy, proportional