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Portofino Skincare: Beautiful Beach Promo Shoot

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Portofino Skincare: Beautiful Beach Promo Shoot
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Prompt Description

Capturing the intricate details of this beautiful skincare model on the Portofino dream coast, shot with cinematic lighting and incredible attention to detail by Weta Digital.

Prompt Used

Portofino dream coast, beautiful skincare model with cosmetic set sitting on the beach, elegant cosmetic promo shoot, flowers and lemons with leaves, light pastel color, Cinematic Lighting, ethereal light, intricate details, extremely detailed, incredible details, full body, full colored, complex details, by Weta Digital, Photography, Photoshoot, Shot on 70mm, Depth of Field, DOF, 5D, Multiverse, Super - Resolution, ProPhoto RGB, Lonely, Good, Massive, Big, Spotlight, Frontlight, Halfrear Lighting, Backlight, Rim Lights, detailed,