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Psychedelic Cult Member: Nordic Chaos in Vibrant Display

By @mjart  •  
Psychedelic Cult Member: Nordic Chaos in Vibrant Display
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Prompt Description

Lost in the vibrant labyrinth of whimsical patterns, she becomes the epitome of ethereal beauty with her mesmerizing eyes and captivating adornments.

Prompt Used

a full body photograph of inverted-v-triangular suprematism in the form of a dreaded head stunning woman hippie psychedelic cult member adorned in ornamental nordic repeating nordic hyroglific designs resting inside of a luminiferous colorful chaotic neon psychedelic patchwork ethereal, chaotic visual tunnel, tiny intricate details, lush full color, ray tracing, uhd clarity, subsurface scattering, volumetric lighting, blink-and-you-miss-it detail,::0.8chaotic psychedelic neon ornamental insomniac eyes that glow by the galaxy star fjord forest::0.750mm f/ 2.8l, tundra::1