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Psychedelic Meditation: Nonlinear Memories of Human History

By @mjart  •  
Psychedelic Meditation: Nonlinear Memories of Human History
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Prompt Description

Exploring the intricacies of humankind's history through a psychedelic journey, my mind splinters in time, creating nonlinear memories. The black and white DNA strands and hallucination visuals transport me to a realm of DMT-induced introspection. I am captivated by the sharp and crisp illustrations, embodying a fusion of dada futurism and lofi vector design. The black and white lithograph, comic book art, and detailed prints unveil a world of intricate details within narrow margins. A clean and noise-free experience, this journey delves into the depths of ego death in jungian analytical psychology. Inspired by the masterpieces of Hilma AF Klint, Albrecht Dürer, and Josef Albers, the black and white linocut and op art create a captivating contrast. In this exploration, it's the simplicity of black and white that shines the brightest.

Prompt Used

🩻🧬🧫🔬path encompasses a psychedelic meditation causing a temporal splintering of spacetime resulting in nonlinear memories of the history of humankind::1black and white DNA strands hallucination visuals, DMT::1black and white lithograph with outlines, sharp crisp illustration::1dada futurism::1black and white lofi vector design::1black and white lithograph, comic book art, comic style, detailed print::1black and white poster border, narrow margins, golden ratio, highly detailed, intricate details::1clean, zero noise::1black and white ego death in jungian analytical psychology::1black and white masterpiece artwork by Hilma AF Klint and Albrecht Dürer and josef Albers::1black and white Linocut, woodcut print::1black and white op art::1black or white only::3