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Realistic HD Feather Wallpaper: Colorful Leaves on Black

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Realistic HD Feather Wallpaper: Colorful Leaves on Black
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Prompt Description

Immerse yourself in the realistic depths of vibrant colors and exquisite details captured in this mesmerizing close-up of feather wallpaper adorned with colorful leaves on a black background. The transparent HD dew enhances the translucent beauty of the leaf veins, while the volumetric light adds a touch of ethereal beauty. With premium colors resembling a macaron palette and a realistic color scheme, this realistic photography showcases the delicate and intricate textures of the leaves. Just like real life, this Nikon capture transports you to a world of neoplasticism, where every detail is meticulously portrayed.

Prompt Used

Feather wallpaper, close-up, colorful leaves spread out in groups on a black background, volumetric light, bioluminescence, Premium color, macaron color,transparent HD dew, clear leaf veins, radioactive distribution, realistic photography, Nikon, translucency, neoplasticism, like real, soft and vibrant colors, realistic color scheme, exquisite details, Realistic leaf texture, realistic, realistic, delicate, detailed detail