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Regretful Winter: Meet the Cute Blue Fairy Salamander

By @mjart  •  
Regretful Winter: Meet the Cute Blue Fairy Salamander
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Prompt Description

Captivated by the enchanting winter wonderland and the adorable blue fairy salamander, with its intricate details and Pixar-style charm, set against a simple yet stunning background, this artwork is a true masterpiece in ultra-wide angle 8K HD realism.

Prompt Used

A winter full of regret, Drifting snow, A super cute baby pixar style blue fairy salamander, shiny snow-white fluffy, big bright eyes, wearing a blue serif sweater, wearing pink a hat, smile,delicate and fine, fairy tales, incredibly high detailed, Pixar style, bright color , Natural light, Simple background with pure color,5 and Octane Render, trending on artstation, Gorgeous,ultra wide angle, 8K,hd realistic, 8K Hd