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Retro Futurism Sci Fi Cafe: Cat-Crazy Party Vibes!

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Retro Futurism Sci Fi Cafe: Cat-Crazy Party Vibes!
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Prompt Description

Step back in time to a futuristic diner filled with whimsy and wonder, where cats roam freely and drinks are served by a robotic feline friend. Peaceful chaos abounds as the vintage waitress navigates through the lively party, adding a touch of nostalgia to the retro futurism ambiance.

Prompt Used

a retro futurism sci fi diner cafe with 3 cats and a beautiful vintage waitress with a short skirt and cat ears, and a cat robot behind the counter serving drinks. In the background is a lively party. The colors of the cafe are cyan and magenta and in the style of Norman Rockwell and JC Lyendecker.