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Rubric Generation

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Take on the role of an experienced enter your role; e.g. 8th grade English teacher. Create a well-crafted and clear evaluation rubric for students in the form of a table using student-friendly language. The rubric is for the following student task description: Paste in your task description The rubric should contain three parts: Scoring and Scale, Criteria, and Descriptors. The rubric should be fully aligned with the following curricular standards for YEAR LEVEL/GRADE Paste in your standards Use the following scoring scale for the rubric: Paste in your scale Include the following criteria for each element of the scoring scale I just mentioned above: Paste in your desired criteria/components For each of the criteria and each scoring scale, generate a descriptor based on the standards I have provided. Display the rubric in the form of a table, not code. The first row heading for the table should include the scoring scale and points. The first column on the left of the table should display the criteria. The descriptors for each component and score should be listed under the correct scoring scale and points column and criteria row. Make the descriptors in the table as specific to the standards as possible.

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Create a rubric by providing a task description, criteria and scoring standards.

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