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Sci-Fi Cat Portrait on Porcelain Mosaic Wall

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Sci-Fi Cat Portrait on Porcelain Mosaic Wall
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Prompt Description

An otherworldly fusion of porcelain and teak wood, this backlit azulejo wall showcases a hyper-realistic sci-fi cat portrait with flowing forms and ancient Celtic detailing, all brought to life with vibrant colors and cinematic lighting.

Prompt Used

Digital Print, Porcelain and teak wood high-relief on a mosaic tiled azulejo wall, backlit transparency, designed by Jean Giraud & Aaron Horkey & Moebius & Alphonse Mucha & Donato Giancola, colorful hyper-realistic sci-fi futuristic Cat Portrait filled with impossible shapes and structures and flying dragons, organic curves and twists and turns, polished Porcelain metamorphosis, cybermysticsteampunk, Flowing forms, Veristic Surrealism, made of tiles mixed scientific innovations, flowing hair made of feathers, ancient celtic detailing, retropunk forcepunk, thick ancient abstract symbol patterns, tarot, minimalism, smooth shiny porcelain, cinematic raking light, subsurface scattering, chromatic aberration, vibrant, vivid, long shadows