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Sci-Fi Lung Art: Acrylic & Metal Anatomies in Detailed Design

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Sci-Fi Lung Art: Acrylic & Metal Anatomies in Detailed Design
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Prompt Description

The intricate fusion of sleek cybernetics and ethereal lungs create a captivating and futuristic art piece, blending scientific precision with artistic brilliance. A harmonious symphony of symmetry and fluid networks woven in a transparent container, the photorealistic rendering portrays the astounding realism of anatomical construction. Through the lens of Ricoh GR III, Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, and Leica CL, this artwork masterfully captures the essence of medicalcore and bunnycore, entwining whimsical cyborgs with conceptual interventions. A visual feast of detailed craftsmanship and interconnected circuits, this is where the boundary between reality and imagination blurs.

Prompt Used

Black clean background, an lungs made of acrylic and metal,a transparent box or container with lungs inside, in the style of detailed science fiction illustrations, ricoh gr iii, realistic anatomies, canon eos 5d mark iv, john pawson, symmetrical design, fluid networks, in the style of circuitry, photorealistic renderings, leica cl, medicalcore, intertwined networks, bunnycore, kodak portra, in the style of whimsical cyborgs, conceptual interventions, mike campau, realistic detail