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Snow Queen: Opalescent Crown & White Fur Robe

By @mjart  •  
Snow Queen: Opalescent Crown & White Fur Robe
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Prompt Description

Behold the Snow Queen, adorned with an opalescent crystal crown and a luxurious white fur robe, her long white hair swirling in the blizzard. Her dynamic pose and glacial frost colors make her a wonderland marvel, a priestess of the arcticpunk balletcore. Soft frontal lighting accentuates her beauty, a true embodiment of grace and power.

Prompt Used

The Snow Queen with long white swirling hair and an opalescent crystal crown on her head with silver filigree, wearing a luxurious white fur robe with white feathers against a background of snowy blizzard, dynamic pose, character design, glacial frost colors, white, josephine wall, wonderland, marvel, sanrio, priestess, ♀️, ❄️, 🌸, 💗, 💻, arcticpunk balletcore, frontal lighting, soft lighting