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Steampunk Girl in Gothic Forest - HD Wallpapers

By @mjart  •  
Steampunk Girl in Gothic Forest - HD Wallpapers
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Prompt Description

Step into a world of steampunk and gothic art with this eerily realistic close-up of a steampunk girl in a forest, complete with goggles and a tree backdrop. The luminous reflections and stereoscopic photography make it feel like you're right there in the scene, while the neon-lit pop art style adds a modern twist. Set it as your HD wallpaper and turn RTX on for the full effect.

Prompt Used

steampunk girl, goggles, forest, gothic art, tree, hd wallpapers, steampunk, art, in the style of neon-lit pop art, dark turquoise and light orange, stereoscopic photography, eerily realistic, close-up, luminous reflections, rtx on