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Steampunk Male Humanoid & Android Symbiosis: Stunning Minimalistic Avatar Art

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Steampunk Male Humanoid & Android Symbiosis: Stunning Minimalistic Avatar Art
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Prompt Description

Captivating fusion of steampunk and android aesthetics; behold the minimalistic front view of a male humanoid with intricate mechanical and electrical symbiosis. The fusion of bioengineering and technology is masterfully depicted, with wires, rough textures, and colorful top light adding to the mesmerizing effect. Clad in a classic suit and tie, this art piece exudes a Vogue and Gucci style. Every porosity and detail showcases perfection in this super detailed, photorealistic creation. The cinematic lighting, film grain, and 35mm lens enhance the volumetric and cinematic qualities. Prepare to be captivated by this stunning minimalistic artwork.

Prompt Used

Stunning minimalistic avatar art: front view of the steampunk male humanoid & android face symbiosis, mechanical, electrical, bioengineering, wires, classic suit, tie, Vogue and Gucci style, minimalism photo, minimalistic, porosity, intricate details, rough texture, colorful top light, perfect crop, volumetric, super detailed, photorealistic, 35mm lens, cinematic lighting, film grain