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Stunning 22-Year-Old Model in Sheer Lace Dress

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Stunning 22-Year-Old Model in Sheer Lace Dress
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Prompt Description

Capturing the essence of summer heat and natural beauty, this stunning top model shines in a detailed and intricate lace dressing. Her iridescent skin glows with a cinematic lighting, creating a complimentary contrast that is both sharp and centered. With perfect details and a full body shot, this portrait is a true masterpiece.

Prompt Used

Portrait of a beautiful 22 years old top model wearing a white sheer transparent unbuttoned lace dressing in a bedroom, hot and humid summer, sweaty body, glistening, gleaming, insanely detailed and intricate, looking at the camera, centered, sharp focus, depth, complimentary contrast, full body, woman, iridescent skin glowing, natural glowing from her, 28mm f/ 2 asph and Fujifilm Superia X - TRA 400 film, iso 100, perfect details, cinematic lighting