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Stunning CG Snowfall: Surreal 8K Landscape Photography

By @mjart  •  
Stunning CG Snowfall: Surreal 8K Landscape Photography
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Prompt Description

Immerse yourself in the enchanting embrace of a snowy wonderland, where ethereal colors blend with the mystic starry sky. Witness the breathtaking beauty of nature's artistry, brought to life in stunning realism. Let the warmth of the captivating light transport you to a realm of pure awe and wonder. #WinterMagic #NatureReimagined

Prompt Used

At night, This is a photo of snowfall, a surreal and complex CG rendering, with seven color glaciers, ice lakes, sparkling stars in the sky, seven color aurora, Tyndale effect, CG3D effect, clean and transparent sky, light penetrating ultra wide angles, overhead shooting, atmospheric, super stunning realistic effects, complex details 8k, marc adamus landscape photography, standing lights, lifelike, holy light, realistic, overlooking, product photography, photography, warm light, warm light, Epic, shocking, very detailed, film lighting, 8k, HD