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Stunning Mid 20s Blonde Model: Hyper Realistic Close-Up Portrait

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Stunning Mid 20s Blonde Model: Hyper Realistic Close-Up Portrait
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Prompt Description

Capturing the natural beauty and elegance of a stunning blonde beauty in this hyper-realistic close-up portrait.

Prompt Used

Create a photorealistic close up portrait of a beautiful mid 20s blonde haired girl posing for professional digital headshots, extremely attractive, extremely striking, glamorous, princess-like feminine features, stunning olive complexion, big hazel eyes. french, italian, polish ethnic background. tall and slender, celebrity, famous pop star and fashion model, romantic face, wealthy family, cultural icon, heartbreaker, looks elegant, model - like features, it - girl, movie star looks, long flowing voluminous golden blonde hair, heart shaped face and angular bone structure, the photo should be a half - length portrait that captures the subject's natural beauty and kind disposition, shallow depth of field to emphasize the subject, taken using a Canon EOS R camera with a 50mm f/ 1. 8 lens, f/ 2. 2 aperture, shutter speed 1/ 200s, ISO 100 and natural light, Full Body, Hyper Realistic Photography, Cinematic, Cinema, Hyperdetail, Ultrahd, Color Correction, ultrahd, hdr, color grading, 8k