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Stunning Photorealistic Sunflower Lion Cub in Ancient Garden

By @mjart  •  
Stunning Photorealistic Sunflower Lion Cub in Ancient Garden
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Prompt Description

Lost in the overgrown beauty of a rural sunflower guerrilla garden, a mysterious and stunning cosmic lion cub hides among the vibrant blossoms, captured in photorealistic detail through the lens of DSLR RAW and Kodak Portra anamorphic. The unique perspective and use of cinematic lighting techniques create an epic and highly-detailed image that is truly breathtaking.

Prompt Used

extremely close up of a beautiful mysterious shimmering cosmic sunflower lion cub hiding in a lost rural ancient overgrown tropical Sunflower Guerrilla Garden, field of many blossoming spiritual sunflowers by Anders Zorn, Ivan Shishkin, Donato Giancola, Greg Rutkowski, DSLR RAW Photo, Kodak Portra anamorphic, vibrant cinematic raking light, photorealistic, ultra - realistic, stunning, highly - detailed, sharp focus, epic, subsurface scattering, rule of thirds, chromatic aberration, global illumination, unique perspective