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Stunning Realism: Sony α7 III Captures GoPro Selfie

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Stunning Realism: Sony α7 III Captures GoPro Selfie
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Prompt Description

Capturing timeless beauty and authenticity in stunning realism, with the enchanting backdrop of Parisian vignettes. A GoPro selfie worth cherishing, taken with a Sony α7 III camera and an 85mm lens at F 1.2 aperture setting. No filters needed, just the raw beauty shining through. #GoProSelfie #ParisianVignettes #StunningRealism

Prompt Used

An ultra - realistic gopro selfie captured with a Sony α7 III camera, equipped with an 85mm lens at F 1. 2 aperture setting, a young beautiful girl teen, a woman in a black skirt standing on top of some carpeted stairs, in the style of vignettes of paris, amanda sage, silver and blue, jennifer rubell, duffy sheridan, sparklecore, photobash, real photo, no glasses, smilling without straight teeth. Use a high - resolution 16k camera with a 16: 9 aspect ratio, a raw style, captures the subject’s natural beauty and personality with stunning realism –v 5. 2 –style raw