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Sunlit Lara Croft: Epic Portrait by Artgerm & Rutkowski

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Sunlit Lara Croft: Epic Portrait by Artgerm & Rutkowski
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Prompt Description

Captivating beauty captured in a stunning portrait, blending the essence of iconic stars and artistic styles, radiating with the warmth of the sun and the brilliance of the stars.

Prompt Used

close up portrait centered, epic, of a beautiful Lara Croft with vibrant brown hair made of sunlight, blend of Olivia Munn, Ana De Armas, and Mila Kunis, art by Artgerm and Greg Rutkowski and Alphonse Mucha in the style of Granblue Fantasy, doe eyes, gorgeous smile, star light, hair fading into blazing into the sun, abstract splatter paint impressionist painting, faded onto rough canvas texture, trending on artstation