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Super-Detailed Jean Grey: Athletic Beauty in 8K Spandex

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Super-Detailed Jean Grey: Athletic Beauty in 8K Spandex
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Prompt Description

Captivating beauty in motion, Jean Grey embraces her powerful essence with an elegant and athletic grace. Every intricate detail brought to life in this ultra-detailed shot, showcasing the stunning texture of her skin and the hyper maximalist X-Men uniform. A snapshot of sheer power and femininity captured through the lens of EOS 5D, 35mm F1.4. Prepare to be mesmerized by this 8K masterpiece.

Prompt Used

realistic full body shot of Jean Grey from the X-men comic book, extremely gorgeous woman, in a tight spandex open X-men uniform, athletic, fitness supermodel, skin texture, hyper maximalist, elegant, super detailed, powerful pose, photography, volumetric, ultra-detailed, intricate details, 8K, super detailed, EOS 5D, 35mm F1.4, sensual, delicate and feminine, uplight