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Teak Sculpture with Realistic Wave Vortex

By @mjart  •  
Teak Sculpture with Realistic Wave Vortex
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Prompt Description

Captivated by the fluid surrealism and dynamic lines of this graceful teak sculpture, embedded with a mesmerizing wave vortex in sky-blue and black resin. The dimensional multilayering and transparent backlit resin create luminous shadows and optical illusions, while the dark symbolism adds depth to its hyperrealism. A true masterpiece on a black background.

Prompt Used

Close up detail of a polished teak abstract sculpture, embedded with a resin realistic wave vortex, twisting and turning, sky-blue and black, light-brown and dark-brown, fluid surrealism, dynamic lines, dimensional multilayering, dark symbolism, luminous shadows, graceful sculpture, optical illusions, hyperrealism, transparent backlit resin, on a black background