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The Big Dakota Energy Tweet Writer

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I'd like you to write a 3 actionable tweets about CONTENT IDEA. Every tweet should follow the What-Why-How framework, which consists of 3 parts: "What": The principle explained simply in 7 words or less. "Why": Logically explains why the "What" is important or true in 7 words or less. Can't begin with "to" "How": 3 actionable steps on 2-5 words each in bullet points “•” on how to implement the principle from "What" into your everyday life. These should be as specific and actionable as possible. Here's an example of a tweet written with the What-Why-How framework: "When writing tweets, use my "What-Why-How" framework. This simplifies your writing and makes it feel complete. 1st part: state what you're talking about 2nd part: state why it's important 3rd part: give actionable advice on how they can use it This tweet is an example"

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The Big Dakota Energy Tweet Writer applies Dakota’s What-Why-How framework to any actionable content idea:

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