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Trusted Beauty: Relax in a Peaceful Studio Portrait

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Trusted Beauty: Relax in a Peaceful Studio Portrait
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Prompt Description

Embracing tranquility and radiating trust, this luminous studio portrait captures the essence of peace and relaxation amidst a dazzling array of flying flowers. Surround yourself with the beauty of pastel gradients and experience the security of inner serenity. A clean, monochromatic background sets the stage for this balanced composition, showcasing the pure artistry of beauty-care. Shot with a low-angle and a focal length of 20mm, every detail glows under the high brightness lighting, creating a captivating image for this morning cosmetic advertisement.

Prompt Used

A professional photo STYLE: blown-up photo | GENRE: studio portrait | EMOTION: trust, relax, security, peace | SCENE: one beautiful young woman surrounded by flying flowers everywhere | TAGS: pastel gradient, beauty-care, cosmetics, studio, portrait, clean | LOCATION TYPE: a monochromatic blank studio background | FOCAL LENGTH : 20 mm | SHOT TYPE: low-angle | COMPOSITION: balanced | LIGHTING: beauty, high brightness, very luminous image | PRODUCTION: cosmetic advertisement | TIME: morning