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Ultra-Realistic Ocean Art: Magnificent Watercolor Pencil Piece

By @mjart  •  
Ultra-Realistic Ocean Art: Magnificent Watercolor Pencil Piece
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Prompt Description

Capturing the essence of life through ambitious watercolored pencil art, this magnificent installation boasts ultra-realistic and highly detailed visuals, showcasing the beauty of the ocean environment in stunning 8k resolution. With the help of DSLR rigging and Gurokawa's colorful palette, this arcade-inspired digital art piece is a true masterpiece, brought to life by the natural sunset lighting and Unity engine technology.

Prompt Used

an ambitious watercolored pencil peice of art that captures the essence of life, Magnificent, Arcade, digital art, DSLR, Rigging, 100mm, Installation, colourful colors, Gurokawa, sunset lighting, Ultra-realistic, highly detailed, natural lighting, ocean environment, Unity engine, 8k