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Vampire Hunter: Hyper-Detailed Anime Illustrations

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Vampire Hunter: Hyper-Detailed Anime Illustrations
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Prompt Description

Experience the stunning and highly detailed world of Vampire Hunter, featuring breathtaking illustrations by renowned artists such as Tsutomu Nihei and Kuvshinov Ilya. Get ready for a contemporary and demonic adventure with a bright color palette and a curvaceous, full-figured heroine.

Prompt Used

a poster for the anime vampire hunter, attractive hot face, highly stylized anime illustration, ross tran, raymond swanland, hyper - detailed illustrations, Tsutomu Nihei, Kuvshinov Ilya, Rolf Armstrong, contemporary, by Tsutomu Nihei, bright colors, ultra detailed, waist up, tall woman, brim runes, demonic, bright color palette, curvaceous, shapely body, full-figured, hot body, portraiture, elegant glasses, evilpunk, in the style of pop art aesthetic, light navy and red, frogcore, heavy shading, ferrania p30, anti-form, bronzepunk