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Vibrant 8K Typography: Playful Digital '2024' Installation

By @mjart  •  
Vibrant 8K Typography: Playful Digital '2024' Installation
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Prompt Description

Immerse yourself in a vibrant splash of colors as the typography design of '2024' dances with surreal details, creating a playful and immersive installation. Inspired by Unreal Engine 5, this bold and vibrant artwork showcases falling curves and a solid color background, bringing cheerful and vivid hues to life in mesmerizing 8K.

Prompt Used

the typography design, with the name of the digital "2024", is covered with a colorful liquid and splashed with a paintbrush. in style od unreal engine 5, surreal details, playful installation, solid color background, bold and vibrant colors, falling curves, cheerful colors 8k