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Vibrant Multi-Dimensional Art: Hyperrealistic Landscapes & Unique Trees

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Vibrant Multi-Dimensional Art: Hyperrealistic Landscapes & Unique Trees
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Prompt Description

Immerse yourself in a world of vibrant colors and maximalist detail, captured through the lens of ultra-detailed and photorealistic photography.

Prompt Used

Vibrant Multi - dimensional paper quilling, Night Vast landscape, Award-winning concept art, a highly detailed creek crawling through a field of flowers to a distant fjord and waterfalls, light malachite glacial forest, spire of redrocks at sunrise, rich lush vegitation, unique trees, cernunnos caves, supercell culumus clouds, stars, heraldic coatl, floating lights all around, nebula sky, hyperrealism, luminism, wide angle lens, 24mm, fine ultra-detailed realistic + ultra photorealistic + Hasselblad H6D + high definition + 64k + cinematic + color grading + depth of field + photo-realistic + film lighting + rim lighting + intricate + realism + maximalist detail + very realistic + photography by Carli Davidson & Elke Vogelsang & Holy Roman, vivid colors