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Vibrant Oil Painting of Fantasy Village by Erin Hanson

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Vibrant Oil Painting of Fantasy Village by Erin Hanson
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Prompt Description

Experience the dynamic beauty of a fantasy village along a raging river, brought to life through vibrant ink and luministic oil painting with a touch of iridescence. The tumultuous scene is illuminated by a stunning sunset, casting cinematic lighting and creating long shadows. This abstract painting captures the essence of expressionism and fragmented realism, with emotional gestural strokes and rough edges that add to the saturated contrast and hard-edge style.

Prompt Used

Vibrant Ink And Luministic Oil Painting with an iridescent wash, in the style of Erin Hanson & Pierre Soulages & Andreas Achenbach, Fantasy Village along a raging river, trees, pebbles and rocks, large whitewater crashing on the edges of the river, sunset illuminating dynamic cumulus clouds, tumultuous, hyper detailed, cinematic lighting, long shadows, saturated contrast, rough edges, abstract painting, fragmented realism, expressionism, hard-edge painting, emotional gestural strokes